There is something really special about this place, Ladakh – the crown of India. Have you ever been to this paradise? If you haven’t, then here are the reasons why you must head to Ladakh now.

Mesmerizing beauty

Get lost in the breathtaking snow capped mountains, barren yet colorful landscapes, and pristinely beautiful lakes. When you head from Srinagar, the landscape changes dramatically after Sonamarg and the color changes from green to brown. One has to be here in Ladakh to know what it is like.

Lip smacking momo & thukpa

Ladakhi food is simple but delicious. Try the Tibetan food like Momos, Thukpa, and Sku when in Ladakh. Ladakh is famous for hot Maggi as well. The lip-smacking Momos and Thukpas are generally served with local hot sauce. Hot steamed momos act as a savior on a cold day.

Friendly people

The people in hills are friendly, social, welcoming and contended, in general. Ladakhis are no exception to this. They always welcome you with a smile. The terrain is harsh, but not its people. Your host, your driver and every local has a story to tell. Always keep your ears open to listen to such stories. The locals know their place more than anybody else. Just ditch the guide books and chat with the locals to garner information on places only known to them.

Picture perfect photographs

Every picture captured in Ladakh is a masterpiece. Such is the beauty of this place that you will make numerous clicks throughout your trip. Every bit of the picturesque landscape of Ladakh will delight the photographer in you and inspire you to produce picture-perfect pictures.

Colorful monasteries

Ladakh is dotted with Tibetan Buddhist monasteries which are incredibly beautiful. A visit to one of the several monasteries is a must when in Ladakh to understand the history and culture. The Buddhist prayer wheel, artistic decors, exquisite mural paintings, monks performing rituals, all makes it an interesting place to be. Some of the prominent monasteries are Thiksey, Hemis, Spituk, Alchi, Lamayuru, Matho and Stok monasteries. Forget not to interact with the monks especially the young ones.

Colorful festivals

The monasteries are associated with annual festivals which are a colorful extravaganza. If you visit a monastery during one of the festivals, you will be rewarded with music and mask dance performances showcasing the culture of the Buddhists.

Ditch gadgets

We get glued to the gadgets so much so that we forget to connect with people. Here, you have only people to connect with. Your mobile phones and gadgets may not be of any help in most of the places. You have more time to wander, chat with locals and appreciate the value of time more than anything else.

Journey itself

More than the destination the journey to Ladakh itself is worth the trip. There is no better way to experience the charming beauty of Ladakh than a road trip. The road to Leh from Srinagar is most fascinating as the journey negotiates through high mountain passes with impressive views. This route also provides the much needed altitude acclimatization to your body as the height increases gradually.

Stay with locals

Choose a homestay or a guesthouse run by the locals for your stay ditching the hotels & resorts. They may not offer the luxuries of a hotel but more than compensate with their wealth of local knowledge and warm hospitality.

Breathe fresh air

Yes. Breathe some fresh and refreshing air in the mountains and add on a year to your life. No honking traffic like in cities.

Shop till you drop

Your trip to Ladakh is not complete until you take a stroll in the local market. You can shop for pashmina shawls and stoles, Tibetan handicrafts including prayer wheels, paintings, decorative wall hangings, Tibetan silver jewellery, traditional turquoise jewellery, hand-woven rugs & carpets, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our upcoming trip “An Escape from Monotony – Experience Ladakh  Like a Local