Parthasarathy Raghavachari (Sarathy)

Parthasarathy Raghavachari, just a little too difficult to pronounce, so you can call him Sarathy, the man behind Unusual Escapes is a travel enthusiast. With over 22 years of corporate experience, he quit his desk job to follow his passion, Travel.

rps1His personal travel experiences across the country, combined with the knowledge gained from the interactions with the local communities and experts helped him to deepen his understanding of the issues and the challenges faced by the locals.

Humbled by the generosity and warmth shown by the locals, and a deep desire to give back to the community out of gratitude for what he had received from them, led him to found Unusual Escapes in June 2014.

He has been traveling extensively to various parts of the country to personally explore undisturbed territories, to experience the culture, cuisine and community first-hand before extending these handpicked experiences to the discerning travelers.

You are free to contact him via his mobile phone and in case you are unable to, you may safely presume that he is traveling in some remote location with no phone access. Please do leave a message if the line is not reachable.

Email Address:

Contact No: +91 90522 20466