Connecting travelers with the locals for unique and authentic travel experiences.

UnusualEscapes is a platform where you can find unique and authentic travel experiences hosted by the local communities.

At UnusualEscapes, we work with the locals who preserve and maintain the ecological integrity of the environment and contribute to the development of the local community. You are investing in the locals and their livelihoods through tourism and the locals in return extend us experiences far more authentic than anything travel agencies have to offer.

Quite unlike a traditional hop-on-hop-off sightseeing tours where the focus is on visiting sites even if they are not authentic, we extend unique experiential tours of long-lasting memories which encourage guests to engage the senses with hands-on experiences — by connecting to the local culture, traditions, heritage and people.

We actively encourage interaction with locals so that by learning about their culture and traditions, your holiday will be enhanced to the next level.

The discerning travelers get to experience life in relatively unfrequented and undisturbed places  — taking part in language or cooking lessons, eating freshly-prepared home meals, experiencing traditional local music and dance, and venturing with a local guide to nearby nature / landscape attractions — while the locals gain much-needed revenue.

We work with the locals directly thereby ensuring that the social and economic benefits of tourism reach the locals. Wherever, we are unable to partner with the local communities, we work with the local social enterprise and NGO’s which aims to create sustainable, indigenous community-based tourism initiatives.

We invest time and resources researching to determine whether it appeals to our travel sensibilities to feature an experience. We help prepare you so you know what to expect, and make sure you have a memorable lifetime experience.

We invite you to join us in a travel experience that positively impacts the people and places we treasure.

Change the way you travel!!!

Travel like a local!!!

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